We’re pleased to announce that the FURCHTLOS RANGER aluminum case family has been selected as the Red Dot Winner 2023 for Vehicle Accessories Design.


This honor is not only a recognition of our efforts to raise the caliber of design and engineering in the motorcycle accessories sector, but of our success in challenging the status quo and bringing a new and innovative concept to the market, further establishing FURCHTLOS as an innovation leader and a brand to watch in the motorcycle accessories sector.

At FURCHTLOS, we believe that great experiences are born from breaking rules and pushing limits, and we follow the same philosophy in our product development process. With every product, we seek out ways to apply innovation in four key areas – design, engineering, materials, and technology. With the RANGER aluminum cases, we found solutions in all four of these areas that allowed us to break through the traditional design limitations and deliver a truly cutting-edge product that provides an improved user experience.

So, what is it exactly that makes these cases so extraordinary?


advanced hybrid structure

While traditional aluminum cases are made of a single layer of aluminum sheet metal, the RANGER cases are constructed with a unique hybrid structure, combining aircraft-grade aluminum panels on the exterior with a high-strength polymer base on the interior.


This unique structure makes the RANGER cases more lightweight, crash-safe, and impact resistant than standard aluminum cases on the market.


The RANGER cases are 30% more lightweight than standard aluminum cases of similar volume in the market, which totals up to a difference of around 5kg less weight on the motorcycle for a full set of 3 cases. 


Aluminum cases are notorious for being a safety hazard in case of an accident. We designed the RANGER cases with a shock absorbent structure made of automotive bumper standard polymers and slim aluminum panels that absorb the impact in case of a crash, greatly reducing the risk of injury to the rider or passenger.


With the combined strength of aircraft-grade aluminum and automotive standard polymers, the RANGER cases provide a high level of impact resistance, withstanding forces of up to 45Gs during testing.


sleek design

In addition, thanks to this hybrid structure and some advanced engineering techniques, the RANGER cases are the first aluminum cases on the market to be constructed without any visible rivets or screws, giving them a sleek exterior appearance that matches well with the latest styling trends in both gas and electric motorcycles.

article-image-1 RGSCX2AL_SQ_web.png

High-end CMF finishings like a real chopped carbon lid and two-tone cast aluminum handles that are the first application of their kind in the motorcycle luggage sector truly put the RANGER cases in a class of their own.